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Enhance Your Speed, Skills and Income with
the New & Improved Stenographers World

Thousands of members rely on Stenographers World to advance their skills and make more money in our growing industry.

Now, we've added even more features, tools and support to help you stay on the leading edge of your career and get paid what you're worth. You can even customize your level of access more than ever before (see below)...

Who Should Join Stenographers World?

          • Court Reporters   • CART Providers        • CLVS     

    • Captionists    • Stenography Students    • Scopists/Proofreaders

Features and Benefits of Membership:

Do You Know Your Speed? Test Yourself.


Speed Building Library & Learning Management System

Ideal for licensed court reporters going for the next license or competition and students striving to graduate and pass their national and state tests.

This system develops your speed with timed dictations from 60 – 300 WPM of Q & A, Jury Charge and Literary. It also grades your realtime or edited speed takes, so you can witness your progress as you increase your speed.

Educational Webinars (Online Seminars)

Learn from leading experts and expand your knowledge of important topics on Court Reporting, CART, Captioning, marketing yourself, dictionary management, ethics, and lots more.

Many of these experts charge hundreds (even thousands) in speaking fees, but you can attend as many as you like, as many times as you like, for one low monthly or annual fee.

Stenographers World's LIVE WEBINARS are available for purchase with or without CEUs by non-members.

Join our newsletter to be notified of upcoming live events.

Earn Deeply-Discounted CEUs

Most of the Educational Webinars are NCRA pre-approved and/or pre-qualified for CEUs, as well as Texas JBCC approved. As a Licensed Member of Stenographers World, you can earn CEUs for all NCRA pre-approved and/or pre-qualified webinars and Texas-approved webinars.

Best of all, you can earn ALL your CEUs at a fraction of the cost of virtually every other source available! Click here for CEU details.

“Write Live” a Live Realtime Writing Lab

Did you know realtime pays 2-3 times more than non-realtime? Conquer your fears and build your confidence by writing live alongside your peers to live dictation through our online interface.

The Industry of the Month (IOM) and Core Curriculum of the Week (CCW) help you expand your dictionary and improve your translation rate – so you become more marketable, valuable and in-demand.

All Write Live Sessions are recorded and available for replay.

One-on-One Mentoring

Accelerate your career and achieve your goals faster with one of our 4 industry experts as your professional mentor with this optional service. View their profiles and choose the mentor who is right for you.

Other Features Include:

• Dictionary Builder

• Skill-Building Learning Management System

• Skill-Building Library

• Perform Realtime Remote CART During Our Live Webinars

• And much more

What Our Members Are Saying

"...part of me thought I would "just get the CEUs" but I soon realized every one I watched is so informative and I have a notebook full of notes and can't wait to implement what I have learned!! Thank you!!" -Theresa C.

"...I participated in my first webinar through your site... I loved it, AND, I get CE points. What could be easier? ... This site is a must for all reporters." -Stella C.

"The speed building library is great! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I can grade my speed takes and realtime takes, too. Fantastic! Thank you!"  -Cathy S.

"I love it :) I especially loved the breakdowns. Quality is wonderful as is material. I hope to take the CRR and RDR tests this year so really need to work on getting better." 
-Angie C.

Customize Your Own Membership

Choose from the features below on a monthly or yearly basis, and the following bonus and discounts will automatically show up in your final membership fee:

    • Get One Month FREE on Yearly Plans

    • Choose any 2, Save 10%

    • Choose any 3, Save 15%

    • Choose any 4, Save 20%

    • Choose ALL 5 YEARLY, Save 25%

Introductory membership fees below will increase soon.

Join today, and lock in your low membership fees for as long as you remain a member!




Webinars - Unlimited
Expand your knowledge

$12.00 $132.00

Webinars - LIVE
Stenographers World's LIVE WEBINARS are available for purchase with or without CEUs by non-members.

Join our newsletter to be notified of upcoming live events.

CEUs - Package of 1.0 CEUs / 10 Clock Hours
Earn discounted Continuing Education Credits as you learn

Not Available $60.00
(add-on to Webinars)

CEUs - Unlimited
Earn discounted Continuing Education Credits as you learn

Not Available $145.00
(add-on to Webinars)

Speed Building Library (SBL) & Learning Management System (LMS)
Increase your speed

$29.00 $319.00

Write Live
Grow your earning potential with the Realtime Writing Lab

$34.00 $374.00

Choose your mentor for a 30-minute one-on-one session per month

$30.00 $330.00

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